Thursday, April 30, 2020

Album Sleeve Challenge Day 3

Continuing with the Facebook thing to name 10 albums that have influenced your musical taste, here's the next one. I'm providing the explanation of my choices over here on the blog, because the challenge asks not to do that in your Facebook post.

It would be hard not to include the Beatles somewhere in this challenge, and I realised that if we are talking most influential album, this was the one. I got it at some point as a teenager, and around the same time I acquired a guitar. It wasn't very good, and I couldn't play much to start with, but armed with a Beatles song book from the library, it made me learn strumming rhythms and new chords. Eventually I could actually play along, and so the Beatles were key in getting me going with playing the guitar. 

This may not be my favourite album - and it's a compilation - but it contains some great songs, and it certainly had a lot of influence.

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