Friday, September 18, 2009

Launch the Ark at Morecambe

Operation Noah was founded in 2001 by Christian Ecology Link to campaign on climate change and global warming. They welcome support from people from all beliefs and background to work with them on their campaigns. As part of their awareness raising and campaigning, they are staging a number of "ark launches" around the country.

Morecambe is hosting one on the Promenade, opposite the Town Hall, on Saturday October 3rd at 11-30am. Christ Church URC green group have been the initiators, but it's an event open to all, and has Mark Dowd and Geraldine Smith MP as special guests.

I've been asked to lead the concluding worship as the Ark launch will be in the parish. No pressure, then!

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Mr Chris said...

Was chatting to a work collegue Phil C, about you and this. Shout if you need anything.. I dunno what.