Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Familiar faces, familiar themes

Before I started the job I'm about to leave (if you see what I mean), I was the stewardship adviser for Coventry Diocese. I also had a great time being involved with the national committee for 3 years, which involved me in producing material for the national church and for Synod. That meant I was interested to see Synod's endorsement of a new report "Giving for Life" which recaps on important themes and principles for Christian generosity and giving, and also provides some updated financial and giving data.

A very useful resource to look at, and only 22 pages long. Some familiar faces to me on the group: Colin Slater was Church Warden of the church I grew up in, and is well-known to BBC Radio Nottingham listeners for his Notts County match reports. He recently completed 2,000 and is still going strong reporting on Sven. Also noticed Ven Janet Henderson who I trained with. I didn't know she had an interest in the subject, but she is an Archdeacon now...!

Anyway, I recommend taking a look at it, especially if you're C of E and particularly if your church is struggling with giving and stewardship.

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