Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Radio 5 rant

While driving between venues on Sunday morning I heard a bit of Radio 5. They were discussing the economy and whether a VAT cut will really make any difference. Then the male presenter went into a bit of a rant about what basis is it for an economy that you give people money to encourage them to buy cheap Chinese-made goods that get shipped half way round the world only to be used once and thrown away.....finishing with why do I need more stuff, I've got too much already.

It was fascinating and I had to agree with him. I wonder what an alternative economy might look like. What if we spent the money we spend on stuff, alocohol and fuel for unnecessary car journeys on local goods or organic food produced more labour intensively, and hence employing more people. Would it work? Would we want it to work?

Recovery based on getting us buying cheap plastic is hardly a long-term solution, but I just can't quite see what would be.

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