Saturday, May 02, 2020

Album Sleeve Challenge Day 5

I think I will struggle to complete the facebook thing to name 10 albums that have influenced my musical taste, but here's the next one. What interested me about the challenge was the focus on influence. This isn't a list of my favourite albums, although there is overlap.

If we are talking influence, then there ought to be a jazz album on here somewhere. I could have gone for the more obvious Miles Davis, but my dad was a fan of jazz from a slightly earlier era - Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, etc. I remember him going to Music Inn in Nottingham, which could do specialist stuff, in order to get a copy of this album (no Amazon back then). 

Concert by the Sea is taken from a concert by Errol Garner in 1955 in Carmel, California. It wasn't even a planned recording - a radio engineer from Armed Forces Radio did it and it was adopted and released. The original LP had 40 or so minutes of tracks, not in the order they were performed. It was a huge success. You can now get a CD with the full concert, which I bought for my dad a couple of years ago.

The Beatles got me playing the guitar, Nick Drake has made me want to learn more; I can't really say what Errol Garner did, but I know he's part of the soundtrack, and that is why he is here.

If you don't know anything else by Garner, you will probably know the song "Misty", which he wrote, even if it's only because of the movie Play Misty for Me. He couldn't write music; he recorded things for colleagues to transcribe. Misty isn't on the album, so here he is playing it.

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