Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chain Saw Sculpture

For the last couple of days we have been watching Tim Burgess, a chain-saw sculptor, transform two tree stumps into the figures of a fisherman and fisherwoman.

The stumps were of two dead elm trees at the lower end of Morecambe cemetery, and it was felt that they ought to be turned into something which said something about the history and heritage of the local area. This is all part of the work going on to improve the general condition of the cemetery and to enhance it. Wild flowers, a conservation area and a guide to some of the more interesting gravestones is all part of the programme of improvements.

A lot of the carving is done with two petrol chain-saws, with some detail done with electric tools. It's quite extraordinary how he does it, and the quality of the results he has managed to produce. The finished products will look even better when the wood has been treated with the appropriate oil.

Meanwhile, I gather Tim himself will soon be competing for Britain in a chain-saw carving competition against German opposition. We wish him all the best with that. As long as there isn't a penalty shoot-out he'll be fine.

Here's a quick bit of video of Tim in action this morning.

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