Friday, May 08, 2009

Ian Cundy RIP

Just discovered the news that the Bishop of Peterborough, Ian Cundy has just died on the way to a family event in the West Country. Ian was Warden of Cranmer Hall when I was training for the ministry in Durham. He was a gentle and caring presence in the College, and coped admirably with some of the humour at his expense amongst the students. He acquired the nickname Baldrick (due to his lack of hair), was known for his passion for restoring old cars at his cottage up at the end of Weardale, and he had a wide variety of interests. For some reason I still remember watching Wimbledon win the FA Cup in his front room. He also cut a splendid figure at our wedding reception playing the violin for the ceilidh dressed in a frock coat.

Ian had been ill for quite a while, but it's sad news and I know he will be missed.

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