Monday, January 12, 2009

Labyrinths, Sweden and moving

The picture at the top of my blog shows part of our campus a few years ago. Chapel is in the middle, and to the left is a labyrinth. Below that is the front of the Princess Margaretha (Swedish princess) Hall. The hall was the largest room on campus, but any gathering in there had the ambience of 1970s school assemblies. It was getting very tired.

The hall is now demolished, although the stage area still survives, yet to be remodelled, as does the tower block the photo was taken from. The labyrinth has also gone, and the site is now occupied by our new Lancaster Gatway building, which (mainly) opened today. Lots of glass, Lakeland stone and wood. I'll get some photos up before too long.

One curious feature of the building are two large panels - one blue and one yellow. Some people have joked about IKEA, so we missed a sponsorship deal there. They may not be far from the truth - I wonder whether it is a reference to the Swedish connections of the building that occupied the site previously.

Haven't found anyone who knows yet.


Emma said...

Boo to the Lakeland slate. What's wrong with Lancaster stone? Stuff corporate, keep individuality!

Mike Peatman said...

you might say that, I couldn't possibly comment.