Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A good, sad evening

Spent part of this evening with final year and former students from the Christian Union (and some friends), remembering Dave, who left college in 2005. Dave died in the early hours of Monday morning, following a bout of pneumonia. He was a great bloke, a joker, and the life of many social events. He was also central to the CU of his era, a worship leader, and not a bad singer/songwriter as part of Row12 with Nath.

We shared some stories, thought how sad we were, lit candles and thought how strangely unfair it seems that at 25 years old, Dave is with God and we all feel cheated.

The sun set over Morecambe Bay as we did this and we said goodbye. In time-honoured CU tradition we then went to the bar and someone proposed a toast to Dave.

Oddly everyone suddenly seemed older.

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Emma said...

Cheated is a good word to describe it. He will be so missed. Wish I could have been there to share the evening with you all.