Monday, March 12, 2007

Cafe Create deadline

It's getting close- the north-west franchise of Café Create launches on Saturday. We now have lots of live music from Howard Haigh and Lava, close-up magic from Dave Lancaster (goes to our church) and hopefully a local writer giving some readings. Add to that a cool jazz soundtrack for between sets, it should be good.

Found a caterer in the congregation - he's sorting the bar. I just buy the wine. Currently searching for Fairtrade beer (Coop does one called Bumble Bee honey ale), although I'd really like to get hold of the ale brewed in tribute to Wilberforce Getting a polypin up from Kent could be a challenge (and expensive), so I think the Coop gets the deal this time around.

We also have coffee tables, lanterns - it's all very ambient. Just hope some people come.

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