Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Café Create North

Well, we finally got the first Café Create in Lancaster underway on Saturday. Over 100 there!

A bit nervy beforehand, but a great success on the night. The main band, Lava, showed some awesome musicianship - Latin, blues and folky influences, and they also brought some students who did themselves justice too. David Lancaster's magic was good as ever - convincing us that he would be in casualty by the end of the evening. (One of those tricks you watch between your fingers) and Dunx told us funny tales of his family.

The bar worked really well - Coop Fairtrade Bumble Bee beer was a real find and sold out, and Equality wine proved good value too. We even shifted 51 Fairtrade smoothies.

Thanks to all the team, and here's to the next Café Create North on 19th May.

(Café Create Lancaster was inspired by Café Create at St Paul's Leamington Spa)

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