Monday, February 26, 2007

Lent blog: Day 6

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Self Improvement

If you read some stuff about Lent (or even get the wrong end of the stick reading most stuff about Lent) you could get the impression that it's all about self-improvement. A sort of 'You Are What You Eat' / 'Changing Rooms' for the spiritual life. (We once did a service on John 6 called you are what you eat)

Anyway, these shows are all good fun if you can't be bothered to redecorate, or you are struggling with weight and diet. But, spiritual stuff isn't really like that - not actually about what self-improvement I can manage. 2 heresies in that sentence; God does the improving, and it's not about improving me, but God transforming his world.

If for spiritual reasons you do any giving up of something, or take up some extra reading / praying / study, hang on to the fact that it's to let God in, not to achieve some higher personal standing on some mythical metaphysical scale.

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