Saturday, February 24, 2007


Was starting to worry about Forest - slipping down from the top of League 1 after a number of off-the-boil games and a dispiriting cup run. At least they have returned to winning form today. Just need the competition to slip up a little to get the momentum back.

Meanwhile locally, it would be such a great boost to the area if Morecambe could get into League 2. They have been around the top of the Conference for a while now, and they may well make the play-offs again. I went to the last one against Hereford, and it was a great local event.

Lancaster City, however, seem to have lost all direction, and are heading out of Conference North, having lost 10 points due to entering administration. In understand some business people have a plan to revive the club, but looks like it will be a long journey back.
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