Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bible Study

Here's a few websites I have found useful for studying the Bible.

  • Crosswalk Online Bible text in a variety of versions.

  • Blueletterbible Another online Bible text and study guide.

  • Gospel Parallels The Synoptic Gospels plus John and the apocryphal Thomas. Choose your view, and then have each Gospel in a column. Scroll down to the passage, and then click the relevant coloured book icon to synchronize other columns. RSV text.

  • NTGateway has lots of interesting links, among them...

  • Zhubert is an online Greek New Testament. Just call up the text and when it appears, hover your mouse pointer over each word and get a definition. Even has textual criticism or other texts if you check the drop down menu under the Bible passage box.

Useful stuff for thinking through yourself what the Bible has to say.

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