Friday, September 18, 2009

Belated chat about Greenbelt Music

I realise that I never fulfilled my promise to go back to the music we enjoyed at Greenbelt 2009. It's old news, but hey it's good news.

Mainstage enjoyed some big names. Lots of people raved about Röyksopp. As their website states, "Röyksopp is an electronic and chillout music duo based in Bergen, Norway." As I said to my old friend Tim (who I met after a mere 20 year gap) it was very impressive, but I just didn't get it.

Other mainstage acts included Cornershop, who are making a comeback, long after their big hit with a Fatboy Slim remix of Brimful of Asha. Indie and Indian mix together. Did a great version of Norwegian Wood [in Hindi?] with a real sitar player!

Duke Special, who I saw supporting Crowded House, did a great set in his eccentric style. Vaudeville extravaganza was one description. There were moments of rock, folk-rock, Edwardian music hall and more. Great theatre. Apparently he used to do music for YWAM!

We stayed the distance to see Athlete on Monday evening. Much better mix than their Radio 2 gig from Blackpool, so well done the Greenbelt crew. Good new songs from the new album Black Swan, as well as favourites such as El Salvador, 24 Hours, and of course Wires closed the show. Well worth staying for.

In smaller venues, it was possible to catch some great sounds. Martyn Joseph doing a little gig in the CD tent was brilliant as ever. The Performance Cafe provided a space with food, good coffee and some warmth on a cold wet day. Eddie Johns sang folky/acoustic songs which felt from early 60s folk revival era, especially with his slightly fragile voice. Lyrics harked back to another era too - crossing seas and talk of streams and fields. I liked it. Jazzelation gave us late night mellow jazz, which was a bit weird around 5pm. Quality sound, and great vocals though.

Big highlight for me was Yvonne Lyon. Scottish singer-songwriter wih a voice to fall in love with. Bought her latest album and intend to get the set. Well worth checking out.

That was only scratching the surface. I have to say that the quality and range of music was fantastic - I only checked out the acoustic and rock stuff (but then I would). Best value music festival of the summer (and then there's all the other stuff!!)

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liz said...

Mike, thanks for reminding me that Yvonne Lyon's new album was out. Just bought it on itunes. I'm currently working on a remembrance reflection using Martyn Joseph's Fading of Light - more great stuff. Hope your new job is going well and family are settling/enjoying new surroundings