Friday, May 08, 2009

Politicians and Allowances

Lots of self-righteous rhetoric in the press from journalists condemning "snout in the trough" politicians. The next few days will be a remarkable spectacle as we discover just what exactly we have bought with our taxes for our MPs. Rather muted party political sniping though, so look forward to some opposition embarrassment in due course.

In the midst of all of this, there probably ought to be a bit of humility because a) journalists probably don't always choose the cheapest item on the menu for any expenses-paid lunches and b) ensure that every last item goes on their tax allowance forms. It's human nature to take the system to the limit; we need to change the system.

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St said...

Interesting to note that the Telegraph have got the list of things submitted to the fees office for consideration and advice not the final expenses claims.

Even the Guardian thinks this governement is stuffed ( I agree) but it's not behaving as badly as some people are trying to say. It's simply lost the battle for support and now everyone is sticking the knife in.