Saturday, November 17, 2007

Football: England, Scotland and Morecambe

Just wanted to log officially before the any match begins that I hope Scotland beat Italy and qualify in style. It was very difficult group to be put in, and they are almost there, against great odds. Whatever happend this afternoon, they can hold their heads up with some pride. The contrast with England's relatively easier group (and their alleged higher quality team) is stark - all we can do is wait and hope that Russia and/or Croatia stumble at the last stage.

I know the feeling isn't always reciprocated, but I always hope that all the UK teams enjoy success in their international matches. I just wish the England team could play with the passion and commitment we see with 'lesser' UK teams like Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile mighty Morecambe have their midweek success against Hartlepool (another shoot-out victory!) in the JP cup rewarded with a home tie against Bury in the area semis. Hoping to be there.

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