Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Getting back into things

It hasn't appeared on the blog before, but friends will be aware that this autumn has been quite eventful for the Peatpeople. We had quite a full session planned anyway, but none of us could have anticipated what happened to Debbie (brain haemorrhage) on the parish weekend. It makes you realise how life can just overtake you and throw any sense you might have had about the future. Certainly we were overwhelmed as a family, and I feel I'm only just ctaching up with myself 3 months on. On the positive side, Debbie's recovery has been excellent, and there appear to be no lasting effects other than a susceptibility to get tired much more quickly than 'normal'.

This time of year is full of speculation and predictions for the coming year. My prediction would be this: 2012 will have at least on significant unexpected event for all of us, and there's probably no way of guessing its nature. All we can do is get with life on the basis of what we know, and not on what we don't.

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liz said...

Wishing you all blessings. Thanks for sharing story and giving thanks for positive outcome. Missed your posts.