Sunday, December 05, 2010

Musing about sport

The FIFA World Cup (awarded 1974–Present)Image via WikipediaWhich is your big sport story (assuming you're bothered)? England playing well in the Ashes series, or the failure to bring the FIFA World Cup back to England in 2018? We probably ought to wait to the end of the series before saying anything too much about cricket, but it seems to be going well to date.

The World Cup bid debacle was fascinating. No-one ever thought it was in the bag, but the story goes that 7 votes were agreed on handshake, the technical report and presentations all went well, and all the big names were there. Whether it was Panorama, the wider British media, backroom deals or something more dishonest may never be know, but those votes evaporated. It did seem odd to do 2 bids at once - horsetrading was bound to result, rather than assessing each on its merits. And then, surprise, surprise, the idea of taking the World Cup to new countries was heralded. If we'd known that at the start, we wouldn't have bothered - it's a perfectly laudable aim, but you've wasted our time and money FIFA.

One question: if you discover allegations of corruption and make a programme about them, should you wait out of expediency or expose it immediately?

Meanwhile the domestic football action has had its moments. Chelsea wobble, other 'big 4' teams have their moments, Liverpool FC recover or do they, Blackpool entertain every time, and Bolton Wanderers start playing a passing game. After a poor start, Nottingham Forest have been moving up the table and acquire Aaron Ramsey for a loan period, but Morecambe look like they may be in a relegation battle.

In the FA Cup we nearly had Wimbledon vs MK Dons, and theoretically we could still see Man Utd come up against FC United of Manchester, the team formed as a protest against the Glazers. Now there's a game I want to see.
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