Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yvonne Lyon & Gareth Davies-Jones (with David Lyon)

Last night was a brilliant evening of live music at Morecambe Parish Church. Having heard great reviews for a couple of years, I eventually saw Yvonne & David Lyon at Greenbelt 09 in the Performance Cafe. It seemed good to try and get them to the north west, so when the opportunity came up, I took up a slot in a tour that Yvonne and Gareth were doing. As things turned out, they were fitting Morecambe in between Glasgow and Edinburgh, so a lot of travelling involved. We times the gig to happen just before the Poulton Heritage open days, so there were other things going on around the buildings too.

On the night we had about 100 people there, which was above our target, and they gave us a wonderful gig with songs telling stories, painting pictures and expressing feelings. Squeezed on to our modest stage (thanks to Poulton-le-Sands C of E Primary) the quality of the musicianship, vocals and performance was superb. The church's acoustics proved to be excellent too.

A lot of folks there were new to the music, so hopefully that's generated quite a few new fans and followers and certainly some CDs sold. Also plenty of Fairtrade stuff went in the interval, which has been a big interest for Yvonne and Gareth - they toured together as part of the Make It Fair campaign.

We'll try and do this again sometime. Quite a few people had to miss it, and performances this good are well worth seeing again.

Yvonne's website

Gareth is at

On this tour, David provided a wide range of additional musicianship and backing vocals. Hear his work at

All available on iTunes too.

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