Monday, July 05, 2010


Debbie and I hadn't planned to do anything to mark 20 years ordained, but somehow it leaked to people who get things done in the parish. Result: a surprise party and celebration after church on Sunday. Great company, food and wine ensued.

Thanks to Jacqui for great cake. Should be working our way through that for a while yet.

Meanwhile if you'd like to see how it looked 20 years ago, you can have a laugh at this:

Doesn't seem that long ago. That's outside Southwell Minster, with (seated) the Bishop of Southwell, Pat Harris in the middle, David Leaning on the left (the Archdeacon of Newark, later Provost/Dean of Southwell), Archdeacon Clive Handford on the right, who became Bishop of Cyprus and the Gulf and then President Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Jerusalem and Middle East and to his right the DDO, Ian Bunting. I won't name the rest but yes, that's me on the left at the back.

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