Saturday, May 15, 2010

The World Cup cometh

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Taking a look at a little booklet about the FIFA World Cup (not other lesser sports), I thought I'd check if there was any chance of following England's progress. In fact it's looking quite good. (please check with other guides before finalising your arrangements!)

The 3 games we can be sure of are:
  • England v USA. Sat June 12 @ 7-30pm
  • England v Algeria. Fri June 18 @ 7-30pm
  • England v Slovenia. Wed June 23 @ 3pm
If England win group C, the next game is Sat June 26 @ 7-30pm
If England are 2nd, the next game is Sun June 27 @ 3pm

Ok then it gets complicated if you're optimistic enough to think we might get this far. I think the following is correct, but please correct me if it's not.

If they play on Saturday and win, the 1/4 final would be on Friday July 2 @ 7-30pm.
If they play on Sunday and win, the 1/4 final would be on Saturday July 3 @ 3pm.

The July 2 match leads to a semi-final on July 6 at 7-30pm
The July 3 match leads to a semi-final on July 7 at 7-30pm

The World Cup Final is Sunday July 11 at 7-30pm. Should be back from Evening Prayer. Dream on...

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Mr Chris said...

It's worth noting that some churches are planning to show the final live as part of their Sunday evening service. I think that's certainly worth a shout, and I'm sure we could arrange that for you technically.

Revsimmy said...

Oooh! And the Tour de France too...

Steve Hayes said...

My wife is doing as speadsheet that you enter the scores of each matych in, and it shows who will play who.