Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Greenbelt 2010

The lineup for this year's Greenbelt is taking shape nicely. As an arts festival with Christian roots, it's never been afraid to take some risks in who it invites along. Eye-catching names already on the bill include Clare Short, Peter Tatchell and David Morrisey, although I think a lot of people will also know Simon Mayo and Janey Lee Grace from Radio 2. Oh and Roger McGough will be sharing poetry. Christian speakers include Richard Rohr, Rob Bell (he of the Nooma videos), John Bell from the Iona Community, Lucy Winkett and Stanley Hauerwas.

The headline musical acts aren't yet announced, but Athlete and Royksopp last year show the standard they aim for. Having said that, the smaller gigs are also excellent, so it's worth checking the lineup page regularly.

All this plus creative worship from all points of the Christian compass and comedy from Milton Jones. Well worth checking out

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