Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Holy Week Advert

Ok. It's my blog, so I can use it to plug services if I want to! We started Holy Week with a very special communion and meditation last night, and the programme continues:

Tue (today)/Wed
We will be sharing again in communion at 7pm. Instead of a sermon, the Gospel reading will be incorporated into a meditation. The evenings will flow from each other, although each will work as a 'stand-alone'. We'll be sitting around a specially prepared visual focus in the sanctuary area.

Maundy Thursday
7-30pm will be remembering Jesus' new commandment to love one another at a special communion service. It will include washing feet, and will end with the altar and sanctuary being stripped.

Good Friday will have two services:
10am our all age will put 3 characters on trial - Peter, Judas and Pilate, but an innocent man will be sentenced...
1-3pm, we will reflect on the words Jesus speaks from the cross.

Easter Day:
6-30am (!) sharing with other churches at a short service by the yacht club jetty, followed by hot cross buns at the Memorial Hall
8am Holy Communion (1662)
10am Parish Eucharist
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Emma said...

I have yet to establish what (if anything) is going on at my church tomorrow. I may join you for yours :)