Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reel Issues

Enjoyed tonight's discussion at our Reel Issues session. This was an evening using

Pleasantville (film)Image via Wikipedia

clips from a movie to prompt conversation about social, ethical or other questions. This week used Pleasantville - a movie from 1998, which followed two 1990s kids who get transported back into the world of a 1958 sitcom, where everything is safe, predictable and ...pleasant. We touched on racism, gender roles, maturity, creativity, empowering people and more. Not what you might expect from a movie that, on the face of it, seems based on quite a silly premise.

Next week's film (Thursday) is more obviously challenging: Hotel Rwanda, which follows the true story of a hotel manager who saved many lives by sheltering them in his hotel during the genocide. Daunting material, but an excellent film to engage with
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