Monday, January 11, 2010

Beer with a wicked twist

The recent bone breakages in our household put a hold on Debbie and I going out for a meal to celebrate our wedding anniversary. However, we did manage a quick and very nice lunch out at the Hest Bank Hotel (at Hest Bank). An excellent selection of ales (Black Sheep ale, Timothy Taylor Landlord and Butcombe) and good food. Not cheap, but good for a treat. Bluffers fact: Hest Bank is the only place you can see the Irish sea from the West Coast Main Line.

Anyway, later in ASDA while shopping for tea, I picked up 3 ales, one of them by Charles Wells, called Bombardier Satanic Mills (obviously referring to the line in the hymn "Jerusalem") When I got home, and marvelled at my skill at getting nearly everything on a Multibuy, I noticed "satanic ale" on the listing. Is somebody trying to tell me something?
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Archdruid Eileen said...

Well if you will drink beers from Bedford....