Saturday, October 24, 2009

Good discoveries in Morecambe.

Encouraged by Bill Bryson's affection for Morecambe, despite its set-backs, I think we need to be talking the place up at every opportunity. Thought I'd mention a few early discoveries from my first few weeks here. There's obviously Holy Trinity, Poulton-le-Sands with St Laurence Church, but I'm biased! Here are some others in no particular order:

1) Morecambe Bay itself. The view across the bay (as seen at top of blog) is, of course, Morecambe's greatest asset. Every day is different - with the light constantly changing, and only a small change in the tide having substantial effects on the relatively level bay, it's fascinating (even in bad weather). Grange, Ulverston and Barrow in the distance can all be seen, but so can a range of Lakeland Hills. Fantastic to have it 3 minutes' walk away.

2) Friendly people. It's brilliant to find people who chat everywhere.

3) Kenny's fish 'n' chips, Euston Road. Edges it as the best shop we've tried so far (although the one by Morecambe FC is good, too.)

4) Food4thought community cafe runs in Poulton Memorial Hall Tue-Fri 12-2. Good cheap food and drinks. Friendly service and a good project.

5) Breeze cafe. Futuristic building next to West End Gardens. Very good range of smoothies, ice creams, milk shakes and Atkinsons coffee, served in big, wonderfully coloured cups.

6) Special mention in despatches for the Farmers Market at Christ Church URC, Broadway. 4th Thursday in the month 9am - 2pm. Yet to get there, but everyone keeps talking about it!

7) I've yet to try many of the local hostelries. Near to home is the Smugglers Den. A very compact old pub in the heart of old Poulton. Seriously committed to its real ales (10p per pint discount for CAMRA members it provides a really good friendly local experience. Looking forward to testing a few other venues in the coming weeks!

Lots more to discover, I'm sure, but Morecambe is well worth the visit!
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thoughts of a person on a journey said...

you didn't say anything about Brucciani's ice cream cafe - is it still there?