Monday, June 08, 2009

Royal Mail

Last week I got a plastic bag with sincere apologies from the Royal Mail, which contained an empty envelope that was ripped down two sides. No contents. The envelope had a 90p stamp on it, and there was no return address.

I tried downloading their claim form to say that I had lost some mail; the download didn't work. I phoned the helpline (an 0845 number) and eventually got through the options/warnings that my call may be monitored/irritating music to speak to an operator. I was told nothing could be done as I didn't know who the mail came from or what it contained.

Now, I can see that I can't claim compensation for something of unknown value. However, I have lost some mail, and I'm not responsible for the loss which has been drawn to my attention. Thought I might get a packet of stamps or something. Am now a bit stuck to know what to do next - after all the sender may not follow up the letter, as I have no idea who they are!

So, if you're sending me (or anyone else) a letter, please note the following:

Lesson 1: Put a return address on every envelope.

Lesson 2: Follow up unanswered mail with a call or email.

My theory as to the lost contents of the letter? I think it may have been a free sample of publicity material I requested, so probably no serious harm done.

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