Monday, December 15, 2008

Still not quite right.

Blogging was suspended due to being nobbled by a bug last week which gave me the worst cough I can remember for some time. having recovered quite a bit I honoured a preaching commitment yesterday morning at Quernmore (local pronunciation is a bit like korma, the mild curry, but that doesn't quite capture it) All was well through the sermon, but I assisted the other priest to set up communion and then got a fit of coughing. Tears streaming down my cheek, no tissue in my pocket and an inability to speak or breath properly persisted well through the communion prayer.

They don't give you training on what to do when that happens!

Luckily it subsided before we actually gave communion out.


Emma said...

More like 'Kworma' with a very light 'w' sound.

Anonymous said...

I'd have said Quorma. Maybe it depends on whether you say Qu'ran or Koran? :)

More 'seriously' is not just the list of things they never teach you at vicar school, but those you never pick up in curacy too.

My "best" so far was arriving at the Crem in an AA van...