Monday, October 13, 2008

Recap the weekend

It was a busy weekend. Set off Saturday morning to get to Nottingham for Keith & Carol's silver wedding celebrations. (I was best man - see left!) The party was held jointly with Paul & Penny, and by some coincidence both couple have a child (grown-up) at Lancaster University, so I was able to help with transport.

Got to Nottm for lunch with Mum and Dad and also got to watch the England - Kazakhstan game. Key thing about that match: formations? 4-3-3 vs 4-4-2 (or was is 4-2-4?) The left-side problem reappearing? No. What struck me was that the manager knew what to do when things weren't going so well.

After all, 3 wins with 11 goals is hardly a bad start to a campaign. It'll be tougher on Wednesday, though.

Great party, with lots of blasts from the past around the room. Good company and a great time. What's more, the band who formed for the night put on a remarkably good sounding and tight set of great songs. A splendid time was guaranteed for all.

After a slowish start and Sunday lunch, got back in time to set up PA for Inspire, our evening worship, which was led by Martin Walmsley from St Thomas' on music and worship. Martin shared his vision for what he does as music director and led us in songs familiar and new.

Finally got home to flop and watched Peter Kay's very well-observed X-factor spoof. Haven't seen the 'results show' section yet (so don't spoil it!) Will Simon Cowell ever get over it?

And now - it's back to Monday morning.

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