Monday, October 06, 2008

Controversy 1

Something on the radio caught my ear this morning. The NASUWT teaching union is suggesting that there is an anomaly in the law relating to teachers having sex with pupils aged 16 and over. Apparently, a law passed in 2001 requires that teachers are prosecuted for such relationships and are then required to sign the sex offenders register.

As I understand it, the union is questioning whether a teacher having sex with, say, an 18 year old school student should really be treated in the same way as someone who has committed a violent sexual offence or a paedophile act. It is especially strange as if the teacher had sex with a student (over the legal age of consent) at another school whom they did not teach, no such process would be invoked.

There doesn't appear to be any suggestion that a teacher in a relationship with one of their pupils should not be disciplined, fired and even banned from teaching; it's the parity with other, more serious sexual offences which is the concern.

What do you think?

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