Friday, September 05, 2008


It seems a very long time since it stopped raining. I know we have a fleeting sunny intervals, but it's getting really depressing not have had anything approaching summer for a very long time. Everywhere we can walk the dog is a quagmire.

Not only does the lack of sun start draining the will to live out of you, but everything is vaguely damp all the time. Took drastic action earlier this week, and got the dehumidifier out. I bought it for the vicarage when we were in Coventry - it was the only effective way to stop water streaming down our single-glazing and mildew forming everywhere.

Here it took only a day or so this week to nearly fill the 6 litre tank. Still no sign of the rain abating.


Andrew said...

We've been running a dehumidifier for a few years. As a nun-tumble-dryer household, it comes in very useful when drying washing indoors. I'm always amazed at how much water it collects!

Emma said...

As I stood by the window in my classroom this afternoon I felt a cooling spray on my face... distressingly leaking windows. Why did my rear windscreen wiper on my car choose this week to stop working??