Sunday, September 21, 2008

Freshers Week 2

A final point about Sunday (14 Sep) - it was the first Registration Day when I haven't worn a clergy shirt - we got a set of Chaplaincy T-shirts printed, so we all wore those. Small UoC Chaplaincy lettering on the front, and this year's logo on the back. Seemed to work and got us noticed (they matched the beer mat/drinks coaster)

Monday was a busy day - prayers at 9-15, late brekkies in campus coffee shop, then getting ready to give out home made soup at the chapel steps. Lots of appreciative take-up. Then Debbie & Sue arrived to set up for GodSpace - our new meditative prayer time for Mondays. Chapel looked fantastic with colour, candles and a new wooden cross made especially for the purpose. Will take a picture next time round.

In the afternoon we have a few contacts, and about 30 turn up for the evening - quite a few from a variety of local churches. A couple of people drop by who hadn't received our stuff on Sunday because they never got to our stall.

By the end of Monday, it felt well worth the preparation and effort.

Tuesday am again joined by other for prayer and breakfast. I could get used to this. Giving out soup again went well. We're popular with staff and workmen as well as new students. A regular clientele may be about to be formed. Not sure how choir will go in the evening, and only two new people come, but John isn't discouraged. We give them a drink and snack, do introductions and let them get on with the music. Actually get home to see some telly.

Wednesday - this is a trickier day. Prayer, etc plus soup and Wednesday Worship at 1pm (new time) In fact the best part of 30 people turn up for worship. I get the timing a bit wrong, but it seems to go OK with people. We then get ready for the movie night (Forrest Gump). Residence Life Team are great and support our event. We have over 40 in chapel watching the movie. The original plan was to get Domino's pizzas with student discount. They say it will be £109. Despite haggling by a student who used to work for them, the best discount they'll give is £7. We hang up and get the same order from another local place (Starvin' Marvins) for £65, complete with free pop. Result. Sorry Domino's - you need to try harder.

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