Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wedding records

I note that my good friend Steve has blogged about his personal wedding-taking records. (It's a vicar thing) Thought I might join in:

Most weddings in one day: 5. (4 at St Mary's, Greasley and 1 at Sawley)

Most Welsh wedding (briodas): Pontfadog. Croeso.

The other day I had the pleasure of taking the wedding of two former students - Rachel and Richard - at Potton. At an hour and half it was one of the longer weddings I have been involved in, but then we included a special longer entry of the bride, communion for everyone and plenty of good music from a CU/church/friends all-stars band. We had a great time

Doing a wedding on a Thursday was a first (I think I've only done Saturdays and Sundays before).


Matthew McMurray said...

Nice! 5 weddings in one day!!

Anyway, that ought to be 'priodas' because in the sentence 'Croeso i briodas' it is the 'i' that causes mutation. That is if you want to be as geeky as I do. (OK! I accept that the answer is probably no!)

Mike Peatman said...

Yes, I said 'croeso i briodas' at the beginning of the wedding, so that must have confused me. Welsh in a Nottingham accent must have sounded weird for those in the know.

Youthblog said...


I helped administer communion at the wedding and I had the odd feeling that I recognised you .......... never realised until now it was from the Blogosphere :-)


Mike Peatman said...

Nice to make contact (real and virtual) youthblog.