Thursday, May 01, 2008

Quick bit of irreverance

Today is Ascension Day (as well as being May Day for country tradition / Communist readers). It's a bit of the story of Jesus' life which doesn't seem to get much attention in most Christian preaching except on and around the day itself. I've heard lots of sermons on Jesus' final words in Matthew 28 "the great commission" but not a lot on the Ascension itself.

I wonder whether one part of that is that it's one of the hardest parts of the story to take literally, with its connotations of Jesus launching into heaven, and also it's hard to understand its meaning and purpose in the context of the rest of the gospel.

My own take is that it's about letting go. There reaches a point in every context where people who have been 'receivers' of teaching, wisdom, training, mentoring or other kinds of 'formation' have to do it themselves. From the first time on a bike with two wheels to every other 'first', there has to be a letting go. So it is with Jesus' followers - it's up to them to continue his work and message without him being physically present. They can't stay immature or consumers.

If that's all a bit serious, here's a bit of hilarious Christian art that desperately needs a caption.


Mike Peatman said...

For starters:

The Galilee kite-flying society announce their success in launching a new model.

liz said...

Mike, thanks. That's given me a slightly different angle for preaching on Sunday.
For a caption, how about:
"The new prototype futon was definitely very springy."

Emma said...

"Check out Jesus' new helium frock!"