Monday, April 21, 2008

Pythonesque aside

For some reason I was thinking about the Python sketch where someone can't say the letter 'c' and it comes out as 'b' (hard to describe in writing!). Describing their education, they refer to Queens' Bollege, Bambridge (or Keble Bollege Oxford in another version).

Just as well this University didn't exist then, or we'd be the University of Bumbria. Sounds like something from The Importance of Being Earnest!


Emma said...

Or Banterbury Bhrist Bhurch seeing as you've just returned from there...

Bumbria is a good one though!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to some spraypaint on one of the construction screens, we ARE the University of Bumbria. Also the University of Cum.

I must admit I got a childish amusement out of this.

Anonymous said...

Oh, apologies, I didn't really think that one through before I posted it.

Hope it caused no offense, all I meant to do was point out what's there as you drive into the car park.