Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fantasy Football

Anyway, I was dreaming that the FA Cup semis didn't include any of the big 4 teams - Chelsea knocked out by a Championship team, and then I woke up...

Except I didn't.

Congratulations to Barnsley and Cardiff for well-deserved victories over more prestigious opposition. Portsmouth more than a little lucky and West Brom ruthless.

Makes for an interesting set of semis. Any way you look at it, the final will be a bit of history for someone.


Steve McMahon said...

I was prepared to be knocked out by a big team.

After what they did to Liverpool, I was prepared to be knocked out by Barnsley.

But Cardiff?

Football is a four letter word at the moment.

Mike Peatman said...

I'm just imagining the racket that my West Brom fan friends (Steve T, Ian K & Lorna B) will make if they win