Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I still haven't really got used to living near the seaside. Coming from Nottingham, the sea should be at least 2 hours away (still is when the traffic's bad on the road to Morecambe!) Now I can see it from a hill a short walk from where we live.

Our local resort is Morecambe, which has seen a fair bit of economic decline over the last 30-40 years. There are photos from the 1960s of a packed seafront, holiday makers, a huge swimming pool (396 feet long and 110 feet wide), and long lists of famous acts, bands and shows which once came here. Since then, much has closed or disappeared, the paint has faded, and fewer people visit.

A symbol of this is the Midland hotel, a fantastic building at the edge of the sea straight out of a Poirot episode (in fact it was used to film one). Once a grand hotel a the end of a popular holiday rail route, it became more and more run down, eventually closing and decaying.

Thankfully, it has been bought by Urban Splash, is being restored and is due to open as a hotel again in June. Alongside other investment in the town, I hope that this will be another step towards the recovery of the town. See what they are up to here.

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