Saturday, December 08, 2007

Age ratings

Having shocked the blogosphere with my determination to expose my kids to atheism (see previous blog) I am quite concerned about a general trend amongst parents of kids around here. We have a very simple rule in the house: we keep to the age ratings of video games. 15 & 18 rated games don't get bought. (Keeping 10yr old out of the room when 12-rated are being played by 13yr old can be tricky)

What surprised me in this middle-class suburb (and with church-going families) is that no-one else seems to be so scrupulous, given what my kids report from school and other people's houses. Am I prudish, or are those age ratings there for a reason?


Steve McMahon said...

The biggest problem is that they vary so wildly. For example, when the film "The Terminator" was released it was rated 18. The follow-up was only rated a 15 despite the fact that there is a lot more violence in it.

To be honest I use them as a guide more than a strict "letter of the law". And as you say, it's difficult to keep a little one out of the room when bib brother is playing "Ultimate Destruction 76".

Mike Peatman said...

I know the evidence is mixed about influences on kids (although it's hard to see how what you fill your head with has no effect!) The bigger concern I have are sexual references in kids stuff, and particularly underage kids being encourage to model adult behaviour. In some ways, I'm more concerned about a few things I've seen on CBBC or tea-time telly than I am about a 14 yr old watching a 15 movie full of stuff they already know about.

Abdur Rahman said...

Peace Mike,

Nice to discover your blog. I'm a newly trained Muslim HE Chaplain (due to start working in University of Glamorgan here in Wales). I went to Lancaster University myself and spent time in Ambleside. So, it's doubly nice to see your blog.

My own blog is

Best wishes and God bless

Abdur RAhman

Hannah said...

Mike, I salute you and mrs P for your determination to stop your children watching things they shouldn't. The children in my class shock me with the things they watch which are totally unsuitable e.g. a 6 year old has been watching waterloo road on BBC1I actually think it should be on after the watershed due to its story lines.
Everything children watch and do goes into their head and is shown in some way at sometime down the line. keep up the good work