Monday, November 12, 2007

Jasper RIP

Sad times today at the Peatman house. Our dog, Jasper, died this morning.

He got up OK, had a run in the garden and then collapsed. We got him to the vet at 8-30am, but he was fading fast. Mercifully we didn't have to have him put down, as he died naturally just after 9. We got him as a rescue dog in 2001 from the local Dogs Trust centre near Kenilworth.

He had been found on the streets of Manchester in the August, and was accepted by them from Manchester dogs home, where he would eventually have been put down, if unclaimed. No idea how old he was - they said 4 when we got him, but we think it was more like 7.

He was smelly, had a delicate tummy, shed hair everywhere and had a curious passion for spaniels. However, he was daft, soft-natured, loyal, loving and even cured several people of their fear of dogs. There was never a flicker of aggression to any child or friend; he only got stroppy with people who could be perceived as aggressor or intruder.

So we'll miss you, old man. What will we do with the spaces in the day you used to occupy?


Matthew McMurray said...

Sorry to hear the sad news.

Hannah said...

that is very sad news indeed. as one of those people who don't like dogs very much i always had a soft spot for Jasper

Emma said...

Ah :( that is sad. Poor Jasper, I was just getting used to him ;)

liz said...

Thinking of you and yours in your loss. Hope you can leave the spaces for now.

St said...

Sad mate. I still miss Alex and he died in 1994. Try and avoid playing any of your favourite music for a day or two or you'll forever associate it with the event and not be able to listen anymore.

Mike Peatman said...

Good advice, Steve. Thanks for the good wishes everyone. House feels very empty without him.