Monday, April 09, 2007

Premiership premiere

Took my son to a Premiership match - a first experience for both of us. Blackburn 1, Aston Villa 2. He got in for £1 so not too bad on the pocket. A scrappy match, a few dodgy decisions from the ref, but probably a fair result overall. Villa fans made an incredible amount of noise.

These firsts are important for a dad and his lad. We last went to Morecambe in a play-off and before that an England under 12 & the women's European championship.

The fact the Blackburn keeper got man of the match for this game says it all about the quality of the football. Jono had a great time, though.


St said...

Do not ket him be deceived by the things of the Villa. They do well every 25 years and then disappoint. Better stick to a team that disappoints on a more permament basis. I know I have.

Mike Peatman said...

Young 'un be a Liverpool fan, and is not deceived by ways of Villa. Meanwhile we are holding out to go to another Conference play off at Morecambe soon. I can tell you are excited already.