Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lent Blog: Day 14

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It's been a while getting back to the blog, so apologies for that. I have been away for the Church College / University Chaplains residential and the related choir festival in Plymouth, based at Marjon. There were some unforeseen hiccups with the weekened, but the choirs did very well, performing Karl Jenkins' composition 'The Armed Man'. Choral work isn't my sort of music, but it came across very well on the night, which is amazing considering the different choirs only get a few hours to rehearse together.

Maybe that's something to think about in relation to Lent. The combined choir was genuinely greater than the sum of its parts, and that should also be true for any circumstances where we work in teams - whether in Church or the wider community.

I guess the question for us during Lent is to think through whether there are ways in which we prevent that from happening. What do I do which prevents the best coming out of someone else, and what can I do to bring the best out of them? Are there ways in which I am territorial that shuts someone out? Am I aware enough of the gifts of others to spot opportunities to draw them in and affirm them?
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