Friday, February 02, 2007

More on Casinos

Seems the Archbishop of Canterbury has said something similar to what I said here. Except he put it better, of course.

"I’m concerned that although, indeed, this development has been greeted in Manchester as a contribution to regeneration, ... we can’t think of better ways of regenerating deprived areas than by developing within them institutions which may well contribute to the material and spiritual deprivation of the area in the long term.”

You can read the full text here.

Just to help your thinking on the subject, here's a cartoon:
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Steve McMahon said...

The Archbishop is quite right, of course. However, it does seem to be slightly at odds with the words expressed in a press release from this Diocese this week. It is one thing to know what one's bishop means when he says he would support a further application for a casino - it is another thing to say it in such a way that the media can spin headlines such as "Bishop Calls for Casino".

Mike Peatman said...

Archbishops are, of course, always right, Steve!

I think the BBC attributed Bp Nicholas saying it was a missed opportunity, by which I presume he meant that if the casino had to be somewhere, Blackpool was probably the most appropriate. Media can always make things look different, though.

Emma said...

Good to hear that Blackpool didn't get the casino. There's enough poverty and deprivation there already I can't see that it would have helped the town at all, only bring in more problems.

Good to read your Blog all the way from Kenya too :)