Friday, January 19, 2007

Loose Ends

Just clearing stuff from the desk at the end of the week, and cam across sundry things from more liberal end of the theological spectrum. Often the evangelicals make a bigger noise and splash, but I think it's good to be stretched, so if you're curious / suspicious / interested in more liberal thinking, why not dare to have a click or two? The worst that can happen is that you disagree.

The Student Christian Movement is the alternative to UCCF, which is the umbrella body for most student Christian Unions. They have recently published a really interesting guide to reading the Bible, bringing in good scholarship, but also input from a variety of traditions. I mentioned it a few months ago on the blog.

Inclusive Church are a liberal network committed to a church that's more, well, inclusive. Features a petition, but not at all obvious what you would be signing up to, unless you click "Register your support" on the home page. If you click petition, you just get a list of signatories. A lot of emphasis is on gender and sexuality issues on this site.

Accepting Evangelicals is a slightly different take, in that it is a not a liberal site but run for evangelicals who support committed same sex relationships. There is an option to be a member and (sadly) an option for that membership to be confidential or public.

Modern Churchpeople's Union exists to promote a more inclusive church, but also to promote theological debate in the centre ground of the Church of England. As well as sexuality, they cover issues of war/peace, the future of Anglicanism, media, politics and lots of other stuff. Theological journal, Modern Believing, published quarterly (included in the higher rate sub of £30)

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