Sunday, December 24, 2006

Letter text

Some people don't have Church Times access, so here is the letter by popular request. Nothing earth-shattering; just needed saying.

Dear Sir

I have been following with interest the articles and letters relating to Christian Unions and issue of equality and diversity. I think it is important to note that not all college and university CUs have such a rigorous and exclusive standpoint as some of those featured in your coverage. I have had a very amicable relationship with our College CU for the 5 years I have been Chaplain, and its membership is very diverse.

Our College CU also provides a supportive community for many students who go through difficult times during their College career. Whilst I would entirely agree with the critique of the public position of ultra-conservative groups, I think it is important not to demonise every Christian Union, nor to stereotype every individual who attends as an unthinking bigot. My experience is that the make-up of CUs (like the church) is far more complex than that, and that a thoughtful and caring engagement with CUs provides many positive and fruitful opportunities for ministry.

Mike Peatman

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