Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thought for the Day

No, I'm not providing a thought for the day - I'm talking about the BBC Radio 4 version. Yesterday Alan Billings was lamenting the number of worthy gifts he received, and wishing again for ties and v-neck jumpers. Having read it again, I know what he means, but the delivery was so dead-pan, and the text included religious technical-speak like eucharist and divinity, that he just sounded rather miserable. Today's came across as very intellectual and cerebral as well.

I have come to a conclusion about Thought for the day, which is that the Jewish contributors, especially Rabbi Lionel Blue, are far better at it than anyone else. Lionel Blue always tells vivid stories, usually a bad joke, but leaves you thinking about something all day. Maybe the Christians ought to go and have a lesson on story-telling at their nearest synagogue.

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