Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Feeling a bit capitalist at the moment. Just got a Red phone for my birthday - desire meets virtue being the slogan. Just about the best box imaginable for the phone - lots of sliding doors. Just like having your own magic trick. It's a great phone, too. Buy one, if you feel the need to spend. £10 of purchase to Red and 5% of call charges thereafter.

Then the washing machine went pop. Dilemma. Do I buy a cheap one, or a better quality more expensive one. The I see the Miele offer. 10 yrs guarantee and lower power and water consumption, but nearly twice the price up front. What to do now?

Yes, I bought the Miele. I reckon it will pay for itself in the long-run, and we enjoy the benfit of the best machines on the market. Felt funny buying a product that will still be under guarantee when my daughter is 18 (and I will be 55!)


Graham P said...

Very very hard thing to be conscientous yet realistic in our capitalist western world. We're about to buy a new PC and are faced with similar dilemnas..
One thing that does help though, is a quick visit to


The free trial reports are quick and help to inform about whether the company you're about to pay are worth supporting.

I thought it was good anyway!

Mike said...

Thanks for the URL, Graham. I'll use it as a featured link on the Chaplaincy website. Interesting that Bono and Red have used Motorola and Gap, who aren't always very good ethically. Maybe he's trying to force them into good habits!