Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Visited the illuminations tonight as a Chaplaincy outing. Got a cheap coach, and took 36. Fish & chips, a healthy breeze, lots of lights and lots of trams. Great fun for an evening, but it must be a bizarre place to live.


Emma said...

It is.

Graham P said...

It's certainly a bizarre place to work, I can tell you that. Was there talk of a new super-casino being built there that would see "Blackpool return to it's glory days"???

Mike Peatman said...

It's certainly in the running for the first super-casino. Not sure gambling addiction and its associated ills are really the answer to Blackpool's decline. However, it would certainly pull some money in.

TVR are closing in Blackpool, too, so it's not a good time for the town.

Emma said...

Actually I think it's bizarre to live somewhere where there isn't an annual light festival of tackiness, it is home after all!
Blackpool are denfinately in the running for a super casino but I think there are a few towns in the country who want it. I don't think Blackpool will ever become the Las Vegas of England despite their claims, more super casinos will only make it a little tackier than it already is methinks. And it had plenty of tack and seediness as it is.