Monday, September 18, 2006

Not normal day

My friend, Steve Tilley, is describing normal weeks on his blog. This inspired me to record today's goings-on.

it started on Sunday. Took 2nd car (Daihatsu Sirion) for scheduled service and bodywork repair (door damaged when parked by some inaccurate manoeuvring by an unknown resident of Leamington Spa) On the way back, the exhaust of 1st car (Citroen Berlingo) broke. Impressive engine sound, but worrying clanks from the severed dangling pipe. Gingerly drive home.

Still, thought I would get it fixed on Monday am, before frantic sequence of child-minding. Noisily take daughter to school, and head to nearest repair place, past the main police station at 120 dB. Man from Kwik-Fit, he say no. Having phoned round suppliers, the nearest exhaust system was in Chester. Owning two cars, I now have no car and lots of ferrying to do. Luckily I bump into a friendly church member, who says she will lend me hers!

As a result, the sequence goes:

3-20 Jonathan (son) arrives at office. I phone Becca (car owner)

3-25 we are picked up. I drive and drop Becca off en route home.

3-30 arrive home

3-45 set off to collect Elspeth (daughter) from after-school recorder class.

4-00 arrive home.

4-30 ish Debbie (Wife) arrives home from preaching training day.

4-45 put kids' tea on to cook

5-00 feed kids

5-25 take Elspeth to Brownies

5-35 get home

5-50 eat

6-20 take Debbie & Jonathan to Church for meditations and Rock Solid respectively

6-35 buy petrol

6-50 arrive to collect Elspeth from Brownies

7-00 Brownies finishes. Head off with El to St Thomas'.

7-10 arrive at church, collecting Debbie and Sarah (friend) from meditations to take to meeting at Becca's (car owner) house. Go home in Becca's car with Elspeth.

Tomorrow I just have to take kids to their various schools, come home and collect Debbie, go to Becca's house, collect her and then get dropped off at College, while they go in to the church office for staff meeting.

Piece of cake.


emma said...

I will tell Sarah you described her as a friend, that will make her a happy lady :D lol

Mike said...

How did you expect me to describe her?!

emma said...

Interesting question. Where do you place a distinction between ex-student and friend?