Wednesday, July 12, 2006


As I once observed in a circular letter, we moved from once place, which had an RAF bomber named after it (Whitley) to another (Lancaster). If I ever see a job going in a place called Vulcan, I'll know it's time to go and minister to Mr Spock and his people.

I digress. Lancaster is a great place to live. There is a northern openness in the community. I heard two life stories and sets of ambitions from taxi drivers in just two journies when I first came up here. We also have fantastic scenery - Morecambe Bay, the Lakes and the forest of Bowland.

One real goodie locally is Williamson Park, which just at the back of our College. In the middle of it is the Ashton Memorial, which is the domed folly you see from the M6 as you pass Lancaster. The park is a great place with paths through the wooded areas and gardens. It's cleverly structured to give you a long walk in a small space. In the summer, they take advantage of this and turn the whole park into an outdoor theatre. each scene takes place in an area, and then we all get up and walk to the next scene. There is also an outdoor theatre, and I have seen Midsummer Nights Dream there, which had a particularly magical quality to it.

Last night we went to the Duke's Theatre production of Tom Sawyer. Great fun, and an atmosphere you couldn't capture any other way. As you walk round, the sun sets on Morecambe Bay just to complete the effect. We paid for the theatre, but the scenery was (as they say in the credit card adverts) priceless.


Emma said...

Lancaster, ah, what beautious beauty it beholds. The view over the bay from the park is a definate favourite of mine. I also particularly like the view as you walk down bowerham road on a clear day and you get a window of hills. It never really comes out on a picture though, has to be seen to be appreciated. Sophie's going to see Tom Sawyer with school tomorrow, I'll tell her it's good!

emma said...

Hmm, add to that the smell of chapel... mmm the smell of chapel!

Matthew said...

I shall be very sad to leave Lancaster one day (if all goes to plan that is!). When I first ever visited on January 22 1997, with a view to studying here I feel immediately in love with the place.